Frequently Asked Questions

The Pad has been in the works for over four years, during which time we’ve received many questions. We have listed the most frequent ones below.

You can call The Pad whatever you would like. The Pad will be a hybrid, with all sorts of different room types for people with different budgets.  We hope by having the variety in lodging, you’ll come to call us whatever you like – but with the common denominator that you’re going to The Pad.

We’ve realized this is a loaded question and one we will now take a step back from answering.  As mentioned above, this project has been under development for a number of years…during which time we thought we’d be open on several different occasions.  This time, we’re going with the flow and while we have an idea – you’ll just have to wait and see. We promise we won’t be shy.

While anything is possible, we want to keep lodging affordable at The Pad – and working through the Winter (especially trying to pour a foundation), can add a lot of costs to a project. We’re as eager as anyone to get the construction completed and the finishing touches added – and we will be moving forward as quickly and cost-effectively as we can.

Just like any other hospitality property, prices will fluctuate depending on what type of room you choose, the season and the current demand. We have established our base rate for an 8-bunk room at $45 a night, and will always try to be fair and affordable with our prices. We also pledge to not take advantage of people stranded here just because the tunnel closed on a Saturday night. Follow us on social media and keep an eye out for promotional rates as we get closer to opening!

Yes, we will have at least one of the 6 or 8 bunk dorms designated as a single-sex dormitory for those who wish to not stay with the opposite sex.

Our private hotel rooms and suites will have their own bathrooms. The other styles of rooms will have different levels from semi-private to shared bathrooms. All shower units are private and have a personal, lockable changing area with hooks to hang your belongings.

All bunk beds will have two forms of lockable storage, a smaller one in your bed area that will fit personal items like electronics, passports, and wallets. You will also have a larger compartment below or beside your bed that will fit larger item like backpacks and luggage.

You are more than welcome to book however you would like, depending on availability. We will have 4, 6 and 8 bunk dorms to accommodate many different group sizes – and we can be flexible to get you in the set-up you want, occupancy permitting.

We will have built-in lockable storage in the bunk rooms for our guests. We will also have a guest only gear storage area outfitted to secure your bigger items such as ski boots, skis, bikes, golf clubs etc. complete with video surveillance. There will be entrances to gear storage from both the inside and outside of the building for convenient access, and only people with room keys will be able to enter.

You will have to be 18 years old to stay in a bunk room. However, private rooms will have different rules, but the booking will probably have to be made by someone 18 or older.

We will be leasing out our small restaurant space to a chef/owner-operator to create a new food concept for Silverthorne. It will be more of a grab-and-go concept, and filling a void in the area. Stay tuned for details as we finalize plans.

Obviously, we love dogs and hope we will be able to allow them at The Pad. We have not established our pet policies at this time, however, we have discussed allowing dogs as guests in select private rooms. We are wanting this to be a place where everyone is comfortable, so are exploring the best options to achieve this. In the meantime, rest assured there will be one furry friend that will be welcoming guests to The Pad. Her name is Paddie, our 6 month old black lab. She’s in training so that she’ll be the best greeter once we do open our doors.

Where were you four years ago? We kid (kind of) but we’re proud to announce that we are fully funded.